Smart City Solutions

As time goes on, we witness an increasing amount of people moving to big cities and their surrounding areas, in the hopes of using the numerous and diverse opportunities for a self-determined, independent life. In the pursuit of a sustainable coexistence, modern urban policies must develop interdisciplinary guidelines in order to apply urban planning, economic, ecological, social, cultural and educational policy approaches for an  experienceable, and high-quality urban space.


The main focuses are:


  • Living (including settlements, apartment buildings)
  • Social participation and health
  • Work and business
  • Mobility
  • Recreation, sport, culture, education

ENGINEERING DSS Smart Solutions: Building and Expanding Smart Cities

In regards to municipal services of general interest, safeguarding social and public security requires cities to provide their citizens with a variety of basic civil services. Through the utilization of modern information channels and communication technologies, these services can not only be used more efficiently, but also be developed faster and more effectively, without restricting the right of participation of different individuals. Such intelligent cities can also make sustainable use of scarce resources such as energy, space, money and time. This is why intelligent cities are also meaningfully networked in order to exchange and use data more efficiently. Information is available wherever it is needed.

Engineering Dss supports the development and expansion of intelligent cities in the environment:

  • Mobility and infrastructure.
  • Energy industry, environmental and resource conservation.
  • Citizen-friendly administration and public health.
  • Modernization of public information and communications systems.

Agility for More Transparency and Participation

ENGINEERING DSS conceptualizes and operates in a fast-paced astute manner in order to develop the most efficient processes for flexible and short term project success. In doing so, we critically scrutinize all processes in order to further improve processes and structures and also take into account society and social aspects. We are convinced that the best ideas and new perspectives arise in mixed teams. That’s why we are constantly reshuffling our project groups and participating in projects across all sectors and fields. For a fast, secure project realization, we adopt a quick-witted immediate approach in our partnership with our customers in order to optimally align the interests of the stakeholders and investors. In doing so, we involve participants in the various project phases. Already in the early conception phase, we thus ensure transparent communication and proactively take charge of objections and critical thoughts.

Therefore, not only does ENGINEERING DSS streamline existing processes and provide public communication platforms and that are designed to make everyday life easier for everyone, but it also ensures that our solutions are widely accepted by users.


Smart Mobility

Our solutions for mobility requirements

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Digital Health

A extensive help for caregivers and people in need of care