Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions form a subsystem of Smart City Solutions and clearly show how the collection and provision of data interact with technical solutions today.

Traffic Control

In order to set up a universal European toll collection system, the technical and regulatory requirements for the onboard units (OBU) as well as the general commercial conditions were taken up and included in the concept.


  • Building an international communication platform.
  • Integration of different telematics devices.
  • Ensuring absolute confidentiality and availability in all production phases
  • Implementation
  • Construction of a highly available, distributed data center with virtualized workstations. The new OBUs can be used throughout Europe by means of different technologies such as DSRC, GNSS, GSM / CN, Bluetooth and NFC all while remaining connected to the legacy systems.

Point of Sales Structures

In the future, an infrastructure tax (ISA) will be charged in Germany for the use of federal highways. The levy must be paid to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) by purchasing an electronic vignette.

The establishment of smooth sales by means of point-of-sales (POS) systems at European filling stations and border crossings, will allow quick and easy access to the e-vignette even when the amount of foreign road users reaches peak levels.

In collaboration with the hardware suppliers, a POS system was developed that met the requirements, achieved through Internet self-services, scanning solutions and innovative payment service providers (PSP).