Smart Integration

With our solutions, we offer you the opportunity to draw on your city the full potential of a Smart City. We used tools that support the motto of the Open Data and Open Source movement and help to create a digital ecosystem in your city.

Let’s start – Unleash the power of your city

Digital Enabler

Accompanying a digital transformation of a city and serving as a motor for innovations – The Digital Enabler of the Engineering ITS supports you as a sustainable and open solution with a direct connection to your local, digital ecosystem.

What is the Digital Enabler?

The Digital Enabler can be used as a digital platform for your transformation. It enables your city’s digital information´s, which are distributed across different systems and applications, to be collected, processed, and visualized on interactive, multimedia applications or control centers. Possible Data sources could be e.g. Informations from (open) data systems, IoT platforms and/or legacy applications such as ERP systems, Geodata servers or control centers.
There are a lot of applications for the Digital Enabler. In the traffic management, for example, you can correlate current traffic data with data from air quality sensors and provide users with recommendations for alternative, environmentally friendly routes, while simultaneously displaying real-time data on the parking situation on the route. Even private data such as bike/car sharing stations or the current number of visitors in the shopping center can be displayed, linked and expanded with the power of the system. This provides users with a Smart City experience and the opportunity to develop new services and business models.

-These are just two of many uses of our solution.

Application sectors:

  • Energy – Smart lighting, for demand-oriented lighting concepts
  • Health – Smart Health, for a networked public service
  • Traffic – Intelligent traffic control and parking management
  • Public Administration – For transparent and sustainable structuresTrade – connecting new businesses and trading space for data
  • Tourism – interactive map with highlights of the city

Key facts:

  • EU-funded open source based solution (FIWARE) – uses Open Standard & Open APIs
  • No manufacturer connection – the open structure allows a simple system change
  • Safe and transparent according to GDPR standards
  • Compatible with common European and national standards such as GSMA, CEF (CEF), ETSI, Open & Agile Smart Cities, TM Forum and NIST
  • Uses 8 Generic Enablers (FIWARE)
  • Integration of real-time and static information via IoE, sensor data, open data, services and more
  • No city lock in – the system is reproducible

Find our onepager to the Digital Enabler solution here

Interactive Maps

Create easy, interactive maps from your city's data


Create new digital urban services

Smart Government

Use city information for decision-making processes and involve citizens

Smart Parking

Do not waste time searching for a parking space

Smart Mobility

Use Open Taffic Data and combine it with other information for sustainable traffic management

Smart Enviroment

Capture environmental data and create a better understanding of sustainable solutions


FIWARE is an EU-funded initiative providing a solution based on Open Spurce.

The FIWARE project is currently researching and developing a novel service infrastructure based on generic enablers. Generic Enablers provide reusable and shareable functions. The targeted service infrastructure is expected to support the development of future Internet applications, bringing significant and quantifiable improvements to the performance, reliability and cost of production of the Internet applications.

To achieve these goals, we are currently developing open specifications and a reference implementation for the aforementioned Generic Enablers. As a result, application-oriented and reliable specifications are to be developed at a later date.

More Information

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