Work for me solutions

Municipal energy suppliers are important pillars that support social services of general interest. In addition to the supply contract, they should maintain their regional future prospects and competitiveness and further develop their communal habitats with a focus on regionality, reliability and sustainability. Particular emphasis is placed on efficiency, service quality, security, transparency and cost reduction.

However, the energy transition, regulatory changes, customer requirements and competitive pressure have been changing the framework conditions in the energy industry for years. Ever-changing costs and pressure require the constant improvement of processes. Lack of employee skills, high investment costs, legal uncertainties and scarce IT resources make the introduction of new business models and the sensible use of modern digital technologies significantly more difficult.

In order to remain successful in this fierce competition and react flexibly to future challenges, network operators are primarily optimizing their commercial and technical customer service. Modernized distribution platforms and distribution methods consequently improve the commercial settlement processes and customer relationship management. This makes sales more customer-oriented and flexible.

Not to be forgotten, technical support plays an equally important role. Workforce Management Systems (WFM) help improve service quality and customer satisfaction. This ensures that employees possessing the right qualifications are assigned to work at the right time with the required spare parts in the right location. Routine work is automated, cross-divisional processes are defined and boundaries between work preparation and the technical field service are thus eliminated. Sophisticated capacity planning and improved operational control increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Field-proven, preconfigured business processes for scheduling, scheduling and incident management already offer good approaches for optimization.

In other words, customer and employee satisfaction are increased, service quality is increased and costs are reduced. These three factors are usually the most important.

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ENGINEERING DSS Smart Solutions: Work for Me - Geocall

ENGINEERING DSS offers undeniable support to their customers in the energy industry through the optimization of workforce management systems based on a product dubbed “Geocall”. The software was developed by the Italian company Overit S.p.A.

Overit and ENGINEERING DSS belong to the Italian IT service provider ENGINEERING . The distribution of Geocall solutions in Germany takes place through the subsidiary ENGINEERING DSS.

Geocall is a modern WFM system designed for the energy industry with a focus on maintenance and data reading. The system enables an employee with the right qualifications to be available at the right time at the job site. It is a market-proven solution based on a modern, open architecture, which also allows the integration of sector-specific, cartographic solutions. Meaningful process optimization and automation by Geocall lead to increased productivity, especially that of the highly functional coverage, efficient and user-friendly standard processes as well as the possibility to implement basic processes parameterisable to characterize the system.

Since individual customer processes can be mapped in the ‘tried-and-tested’ framework and interface connections to relevant systems such as SAP-PM, SAP-MM, SAP-HCM, Lovion BIS, Geoserver, ESRI systems and PSI are available, Geocall is also a strategic solution – in order to create a futuristic example – in proofing and verifying the induction of new business areas.

Agility and Speed

We conceptualize and operate in an agile manner and pace to develop the most efficient processes for flexible and time-sensitive project success. In doing so, we critically scrutinize all processes in order to further improve them along with structures and also take into account society and social aspects. We are convinced that the best ideas and fresh perspectives arise in mixed teams. That’s why we are constantly remixing our project groups and working in projects across all fields and sectors.

For a fast, secure project realization, we recommend an agile approach in regards to our customers, in order to optimally align the interests of the stakeholders and investors.

The goals of our agile approach are, in addition to the induction of a modern workforce management system, as detailed in the following structure:

  • An agile (IT) organization that responds flexibly to requirements.
  • A flexible, interchangeable management team.
  • Clearly structured processes.
  • Purified, modular systems based on a service-oriented architecture.
  • A service organization largely independent of manufacturers, technology partners and service providers.

Therefore, ENGINEERING DSS with Geocall not only implements a modern, future-proof workforce management system, but also accompanies the interdisciplinary, technical, organizational and economic transformation throughout any and all phases.


Enercity, Hannover use Geocall

The Enercity AG from Hanover has opted to adopt a “Work for me” solution. With the use of Geocall, the utility has optimized workflows, processes and overall sales force.